Who we are


is a non-profit organisation.  Our purpose is to enlighten people on good governance, security of lives and properties, primary Healthcare Services, Education, Environmental Pollution, Social Injustice, Social Inequality, Poverty reduction, Renewable Energy, prevention of waterborne diseases.  We aim to support internal displaced people who due to religious attacks, flee their homes under treat of armed attacks.  We shall support traumatized people who have psychological problems.  There will be provision of shelter and education for Street Kids.  The society will benefit when they help orphan children, hence BIDI will support orphan children because they will grow up to be responsible and contribute to the development of the community they live in instead of being unproductive.  Widows are often neglected in the society.  Our passion is to help this group because the government is not assisting them.  Majority of the widows are living below the poverty line and they fend for themselves and their children without having the social protection and financial assistant or security from the government. 

The meaning of the LOGO
The Logo of the organisation:   “BERACAH INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT INTIATIVES (BIDI)” in colour Red symbolizes “Love, Energy and Primal Energy”.  This colour represents our positive will to make a change in the society and to give confidence of better life to people.
The Green Olive branch symbolizes “Peace and Friendship”.  It is also associated with growth, harmony, safety, fertility and environment.  The colour Green help us to enhance our vision stability and endurance.
The Burning Lamp with Yellow Flame symbolizes, happiness, the optimism of enlightenment and creativity. 

“For People’s Peace, Progress and Prosperity”


What we do


The organization

shall organise Awareness Programs and Campaigns, such as free Lectures, Seminars, Conferences and Slideshows in schools, libraries and other public venues as well as utilizing social media channels.  The organization’s website will provide informations, facts, statistics and other related data on causes, current efforts and solutions to eradicate poverty, Hunger, Malnutrition, chronic diseases, Hunger, Brain drain, Environmental Pollution and poor education.  The importance of Social Inclusion is important to the development of the community, hence the organisation will promote social inclusion in the community, so that people through their active participations can contribute meaningfully to the development of their communities.  The organisation will promote Social Inclusion through such program like: “THE SOCIETY FOR ALL PEOPLE”.  Lastly, the organisation will cover the current political and social issues in the society.

Latest news

Our Team

Omoniyi Ogodo-Bach

President BIDI

Omoniyi Ogodo-Bach was born in Ibadan – Nigeria. There she studied German at the University of Ibadan where she received her BA degree. She came to Germany as an exchange student at University of Saarland.

Dr. Eng. Ifeoluwa Garba

Team Member

Dr. Eng. Ifeoluwa Garba graduated with First Class Honour in “Computer and Electronic Systems Engineering” from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland.

Oluwadolapo Adisa

Team Member

He has BA in Humanities at the department of History and International Studies and currently studying Design and Analysis of social protection systems at the Hochschule Bonn Rhein-Sieg.

Dr. (Mrs.) Omolade Sanni

Team Member

She attended University of Ibadan, Nigeria and completed the Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology, a Master of Information Science degree in Information Science and Master of Arts degree in Communication and Language Arts, and a Ph. D in Communication and Social development.

Pharm. Eyituoyo Akperi

Team Member

He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tyloom Unique Ventures. A seasoned Pharmacist and Business Development Consultant with thirty four years experience in spanning industrial, hospital and community Pharmacy.

John Ovie Akpoguma

Team Member

He is a native of Delta State, Nigeria. A graduate of Mechanical Engineering Technology at Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun. He is a creative thinker who enjoys analysing problems and work out possible solutions.

Mr. Prince Mike Okparaeze

Team Member

Mr. Prince Mike Okparaeze is an oriented and passionate Consultant and Certified Principal Investigator. He is a Forensic Analyst and Lead Auditor, Certified Network Security Expert (NSE) Certified Network Security Specialist (CNSS).

Michael Bach

Team Member

He is currently studying at LMU Munich, Germany.

Eng. Daniel Oseremen Eromosele

Team Member

Eng. Daniel Oseremen Eromosele is a mechanical engineer, with many years experience in oil&gas, (upstream operations) worked and trained as a process engineer in gas plant (cryogenic plant). Daniel O. Eromosele is currently the chief executive officer of SwiftDiesel and Hedia global service limited.

Fumbi Ajumobi

Team Member

Christopher Oguesha

Team Member

Omojefe Orezime

Team Member